Safety and Health Consultation


Every business is required to have a safety and health program for its employees.  Perhaps even if you are self employed.


With all of the occupational safety and health regulations, you need a reliable, professional safety and health consultant to sort through them to determine what you need.


SH Alaska is the perfect solution to your safety and health needs!


SH Alaska is located in Wasilla, Alaska and brings 18 years of safety and industrial hygiene experience to you.  Have the expertise you need, when you need it.  We are a full service, comprehensive consulting firm that will customize your safety and/or health requirements to your business.


A sound, effective safety and health program can lower your risk of liability and increase your productivity.  Meeting the requirements established by state and federal regulations doesn’t need to be burdensome...or expensive.


Let SH Alaska assist your business with meeting these requirements! 


Call and schedule a complimentary consultation with SH Alaska today to discuss your safety and health needs!